Today we are going to learn about “What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)” and how it is useful. Before entering into the topic i hope most of the people are aware of these protocols like, some URLs starts with “http://” and other starts with “https://. So, what does this extra “s” mean?

It is very simple to define, extra “s” means that your connection to the website is secure and data which shared is encrypted. If your URL starts with “Http://” it says that your website is not secure.

secure socket layer

What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

The Secure Socket Layer protocol originally developed with Netscape to ensure secure transactions or communication between browsers and web servers. The protocol uses a Certificate authority a third party, to identify one end or both end of the transactions.

How does SSL works?

In short, how it works. The browser requests a secure page. The server sent the public key. The browser checks the certification related to the site and that the certification can be issued by a reliable party, the certification is valid. The browser then uses the public key to encrypt with the encryption key and send it. The host decrypts the symmetric encryption key with its private key and uses a symmetric key.

The browser can ask by the host to verify its identity when an individual directs the browser to connect with SSL. The server sends back the required HTML document and HTTP data encrypted with the symmetric important. The browser decrypts the HTTP data and HTML document with the symmetric key and displays the data.

Understanding of SSL certificate.

understanding of SSL certificate

One issue that has been on the brain of hackers and website programmers is that of security, although last year brought many changes to the world. The security of login, info commerce transactions along with other very sensitive info are only a few concerns we frequently hear from clients. So, with this path of data set up info is impossible for hackers to decipher with no reverse decryption.

Fundamentally, a SSL created to defend the users on your website from intruders who might tamper with their information. SSL vs. non SSL – there are various ways you can tell if an internet site is using a SSL certificate.

Now you know how an SSL connection works and these days most of the browsers made SSL mandatory and here is where we provide all our plans with free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Just go with any plan and get your free SSL certificate with it.