Today we are going to study about “What is SEO” and why is it important. Learning Search Engine Optimisation Principles – Before I dive into the world of Search Engine Optimization, I’d love to layout a few internet search engine optimization basics for all the readers who may not completely know precisely what these terms mean.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of acquiring traffic from organic search results returned by search engines.

To obtain organic results one must optimize their site to be user and search engine friendly. Now why user friendly when its said search engine optimization? Because search engines display organic result of your site only when your site is popular enough and easy to read. So to obtain this, your site should be user friendly. After all search engines consider users comfort to keep users use their search engine. So, today’s world use mostly Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask as their preferred search engines.

seo components

To optimize your site there are different components to look into. They are

Keywords, Content, Link Building, Social Network, Web Design, Traffic, Sitemap, etc…

We will discuss most major of them which plays a key role.


Keyword is nothing but the info that individuals are searching for.

keywords search

When an internet search engine indexes a webpage, it is those first words that tell the hunt engine what the webpage is about and what search queries that webpage should respond to. And maintaining those keywords in your webpage is very important in order to draw the attention of the individuals who use the keywords.

Website Optimization:

Website optimization is the process of making changes to a website to meet rules set by search engines for a given search. The more relevant the website means the higher the website will rank.

website optimization

In website optimization again different set of components come in.  Like you should optimize images, minify code, put scripts in order etc… These help in speeding up your site and users will be happy to visit that fast loading site. Even other things such as meta information, sitemap and robots file come into consideration.

Link Building:

Link building is the process of obtaining links from other websites to your own site.

link building

To do that, you will need a team focused on creating a tactical digital online marketing plan with the essential objective being a Search Engine Optimization backlinking strategy through evergreen content advertising.

To rank higher in search engines we all need high quality backlinks. Because that weighs your website rich and increases the change of higher ranking.

Quality Backlinks

To obtain those quality backlinks you need links back from existing popular sites.


Content is king why because long content with more than 400 words will stand you out from crowd who write less.

content and seo

The word content has been hammered into our minds for many years as digital marketers, but it’s no real surprise since that’s what search engine is about. Basically for that little piece of content millions of users search in search engine sites.

So, these key components will boost your website ranking upto large extent and many other tactics support growth further. Hope this content helps you. If we miss out something just mention in the comment section below. We will be happy to update.