You need a domain name whenever you would like to start an internet site. Domains are links or addresses to your site. A lot of emphases can put on the right tools as they influence the introduction of your site. The DNS (domain name system) is responsible for sending domain and email facilities. Accessing a DNS implies that you can also access websites and email. In this article, I am going to simplify what is a Domain name and its features.

History of Domain name:

A website domain name is your exclusive web address the distinctive name that identifies an internet site for ancients. In 1983, the DNS was introduced on ARPANET and published by the Internet Engineering Working Group (RFC 882 and RFC 883).

Definition of Domain name:

Definition of domain name

Domain names are the names of Internet resources that are universally understood by web servers and online organizations and provide all relevant destination information. To access the organization’s web-based services, website users must know the right domain name. A domain consists of a unique name, small case sensitive, and consist of strings made up of alphanumeric characters and hyphen separated by dots, which map the DNS to IP numbers and other numbers. In other words, the domain name can be defined as it is a system that helps you to find websites using an internet browser. When you click on the internet browser, you will be able to type the name of the website.

How do you choose a good domain name? So, here the first step is if someone wants to start an online business then he has to choose a good domain name for the website. Choosing a name is also a big thing for many people and also they can take days or weeks to hunt for the right name but few people go for random selection. If you choose a good name which is relevant to your business then, you can easily get high traffic to your site.

Types of domain names:

There are various types of domain extensions where you can benefit from the services. This kind of domain hosting service is extremely common among internet user. So, there are a few levels which are mentioned in the domain names.

Types of domain names
  1. Top level domains
  2. Country code top-level domains
  3. Generic top-level domains
  4. Internationalized country code top-level domains
  5. Second level domains
  6. Third level domains


A domain name can become the brand name. It should have the appeal that catches people’s attention. If that selected name is brandable, people can easily connect with your site and remember it. Therefore, there are some features for a good domain name.

  1. Most of the people use the .com extension
  2. Keep the short names which are easy to spell
  3. Easy to remember
  4. It should be unique and brandable
  5. No hyphens, no misspelling, no numbers
  6. It should be well combined and descriptive

When thinking of a website’s domain name, think of catchy words or phrases that are easy to remember and that will bring more traffic to your site. Try using a website name that is relevant to your website. The shorter the name, the easier to remember.

If you use short names then they are easy to use, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, easy to remember. There is no strict rule so try to choose short names that shorter than 20 characters or less than 10 characters is enough. examples of the short names are


Most of the people think that why people use the .com extension more. Because it is more popular and favorable. The extensions like .org, .net are also the popular extensions and local extensions are used for targeting the local population.

Why Domain name is so important?

Domain name importance

On the internet your domain name is your very own distinctive identity, no two parties can ever hold the same name. Therefore, your internet identity is completely unique. So, maintaining a good name for a site is very important. Each website address results in a set of numbers called the IP address. So, remembering the IP address is difficult then the domain names came into the picture. Hence, use high-level characters to define the domain which is easy to remember.

By the above information, it is clear that the definition of domain names, its types and features. So, if you have any queries please mention in the comment section below. Are you looking for Domains to buy? You can search and order from our website by clicking here.