In this guide we have covered how to install synaptic package manager, which is a GUI version of APT ( Advanced Package Tool ). It can be used to install, remove and upgrade software packages etc…

Installing with terminal :

The simplest way to install a synaptic is to use a terminal command.

Step 1

Open terminal by pressing Ctrl + Atl + T

If for some reason shortcut didn’t work, run the terminal from the Ubuntu Dash.

Step 2

sudo apt update

Step 3

Make sure to enable universe repository first:

sudo add-apt-repository universe

Step 4

Now paste the command sudo apt-get install synaptic in the terminal.

sudo apt-get install synaptic

That’s it, you are ready to use features of synaptic like install, remove and upgrade software packages and to add repositories etc…

Installing with software centre :

You can use software centre for installing synaptic by searching word “synaptic” in search box of software centre.

Initial view of synaptic after installing

Removing synaptic :

If you don’t like Synaptic, you can remove it from the Software Centre or using this command sudo apt remove synaptic in terminal:

sudo apt remove synaptic

Conclusion :

Now that you know how to install Synaptic package manager on your Linux distributions. you can do popular actions like install, remove and upgrade software packages etc… One of the popular thing you can do is install PuTTY as per user convenience.

Hope this tutorial is helpful and comment down if you have any query or issue.