Today we are going to discuss about the topic “How to become a full stack developer”. People who want to start their career into development field will always think about how to become a full stack developer. So, by the end of the post you will have clear idea for becoming a full stack developer.

What is a Full stack developer?

A Full stack developer is someone who knows various coding languages for front-end design of website development along with the back-end programming language. They also know how to work with database management system. So, how it works? The browser send a request when we visit to certain domain and the server will give the response. Here, the part of the browser acts as a front-end, where the user interface consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript . Whereas, the part of the server is responsible to fetch the data from the database and also responsible for storing the user data from the database this said to be back-end.

Full Stack Developer Working

Then what are the programming languages does a full stack developer need to learn. Hence, first we should learn front-end languages in addition with back-end programming languages which are used in the development.

Key Technologies/Languages used in Full Stack Developer:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Server-side languages like PHP, Python, Ruby on rails etc.
  • Advanced JavaScript and CSS
  • Databases and Query Languages
  • Server- side Frameworks like Express

Front-end Development:

It is very simple to define, the main focus of the front-end developer is to have good knowledge on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. By using these languages he/she designs a website which is user friendly and responsive where it can be used in the devices like laptop, mobile phones, tablets and desktop. For example, when you open a website you see all text, images and colors that visual part is front-end.

Key Technologies/Languages used in Front-end:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • CSS Pre-processors
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Above mentioned languages play key role in the front-end development. Here, the developer builds user interfaces like drag and drop, forms, tables, etc., wherever the user interacts.

In front-end, the Developer works on JS-driven User Interface, Forums and Input validations, content etc.

Back-end Development:

This is also easy to define, the main focus of Back-end developer is to have good knowledge on the server side languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, #C, C++ etc. As said back-end developing comes under server side they process at the server and resulting pages are delivered to user. For example, if user want to update his profile for that he need to enter his details. So, the given details are gathered by the server and interacts with the database for updating the information and this part is back-end.

Key Technologies/Languages used in Back-end:

  • Server-side languages like PHP, NodeJs
  • Frameworks like Express, Laravel
  • Databases and Query Languages
  • Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back-end developer works on Server-side authentication, Automatic notifications, Data validation, Data Storage etc. The back-end mainly focus on three parts: database, APIs, and a back-end web application/software written via server-side languages.

This is all basic info on how to become a full stack developer. If we missed out something just let us know we will be glad to update.