It was 4 years ago, when I heard about SSD. And I’m pretty sure you will find many as myself wondering what is an SSD. what’s the difference between a SSD Hosting and HDD Hosting(HDD vs SSD Hosting) and which is best for your site.

By end of the post you will be able to make the right choice about which one you should go with.

HDD vs SSD Hosting:

Among recent trends sweeping throughout the web hosting industry is SSD Web Hosting. Unlike conventional web hosting with HDD, SSD hosting serves the files over SSD’s.

The greatest question is, do SSD drives actually enhance speeds? To answer this query, it is vital to understand the source of SSD Drives.

SSD’s are storage devices that originated from the military and aeronautical fields. They were specially designed to provide super fast I/O of large amounts of data within short time. Until quite recently they have used for military aeronautical and medical uses. Instead, Personal Computer makers have started integrating them into servers. Thus their development to the website hosting industry.

SSD’s are designed to optimize system performance. Therefore, it is much faster to read information out of SSD’s than it is out of HDD.

Let us begin by briefly explaining what is a HDD and SSD.


Hard Disk Drive

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. This is a traditional hard disk drive that stores data on platters. Hard disk drive have existed for ages, more exactly since 1956, when IBM released its 1st Hard Disk Drive.

The hard disk reads information from the platters by moving its head around the platter. This mechanical activity results in delayed reaction time, technically known as Access Time.

What does this mean for your website? Let’s put it something like this

Pros: –
A lot of disk space at present capacities vary from 500GB to 4TB. At lower cost you might find a standard Hard disk drive for approximately Rs.3,000 – Rs.10,500.

Cons: –
Very slow operation compared to SSDs. In case your website application is not using millions of small files to access randomly. Then you should think about a HDD hosting plan.


SSD stands for solid state Drive. Unlike the Hard disk drive, The SSD stores information on microchips.

SSD has no moving parts to reach a specific point to read the information. Hence SSD has practically no delays in serving the read/write requests.

what does this mean for your website?

Pros: –
Very high performance. Serves arbitrary data about 100 times quicker than a hard disk drive. Very high transfer rate approximately 5 times larger throughput.

Cons: –
Higher cost. While a very low end 256GB SSD is approximately Rs.11,000. On other hand for SSD need to pay approximately Rs.1 Lakh to an 800GB enterprise grade SSD.

Limited storage space. Average capacity of these drives is approximately from 250GB to 1TB. Greater than 1TB being too expensive. In case your website requires high performance and rapid response time. Then you should probably decide on a SSD hosting plan.

Now, Before choosing a hosting plan, you need to assess what is more important. Whether Lots of storage to a number of pennies, or high operation for an extra cost. Both hosting choices are good if chosen for the ideal purpose. SSD hosting also improves SEO were master minds are working for.

Also consider SSD hosting for WordPress website for faster load speeds. Because when WordPress website is combined with SSD then it loads like a jet. You can also find our post about “Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018“. For SSD Hosting you can checkout our SSD only plans at IND Hosting.

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