E-Commerce has become the biggest growth driver in the marketplace. With this post you will be able to know “What is E-Commerce and Types of E-Commerce”.

What is E-Commerce and Types of E-Commerce?

What is E-Commerce?

Electronic Commerce is a modern business which carries out online. Hence we use applications that work using internet. Also transmits funds or data over the internet. The rapid and remarkable changes in info technology especially in last one decade has contributed new notion of relation within seller and buyer. In E-Commerce one do not view each other face nor view the products physically. So, the entire transaction gets done with the help of online communication.

Process of E-Commerce:

Process of E-Commerce
  • A customer or consumer uses Web browser to connect to the home page of merchants website on the internet.
  • Consumer selects the product featured on the site to purchase. The selected items get into the shopping cart.
  • When the consumer is ready to complete the purchase of selected items, he/she fills the shipping form.
  • After completing the form, user requires to fill payment details. Then the details entered in the website gets validated and places the order. The merchant’s site will confirm the order and sends a confirmation mail to the customer.
  • The site then forwards the order to a processing network for fulfilment.
    The order is then shipped to customer.

Types of E-Commerce:

Types of E-Commerce

E-Commerce mainly classified into four types, they are

Business to Business(B2B) E-Commerce:
Business to Business

This implies selling by a manufacturing company to other business manufacturers, trader , wholesaler or retailer.

For Ex- Alibaba, Globalspec, India.

Business to Customer(B2C) E-Commerce:
Business to Customer

This implies where the business sells its product or services to customer online.

For Ex- Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

Customer to Customer(C2C) E-Commerce:
Customer to Customer

This implies where one customer sells its used products to other customer online.

For Ex- Quikr, OLX.

Customer to Business(C2B) E-Commerce:
Customer to Business

This implies where the customer sells their product or service to businesses online.

For Ex- priceline, freelancer, naukari.

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