Today we are going to learn about “Difference between Server and Personal Computer”. By the end you will be able to know about server and personal computer and their key differences.

What is a Server?

It is a computer device or program that serves content or files over network. In a brief servers do the task of serving data to clients connected over internet.

Example: Mail Server, File Server, Web Server, Game Server etc….

What is a Personal Computer?

It is a computer device or program utilized by an end user or an individual for personal use. Hence it requires minimum hardware that makes it cost effective.

Example: Accounting, Entertainment,  Surfing Web, Spreadsheets etc….

Now, we are going to discuss about “Difference between Server and Personal Computer”

Differences between Server and Personal Computer



Server is a device which contains program that serves data over internet to its clients. Therefore, server manages the data over the internet. Servers can handle heavy workload and used for multitasking purpose. So, the hardware equipments used in the servers are highly compatible with each other. That means it has higher throughput between internal hardware.

Servers are for small scale business, large scale business and also for some of home purpose. So, to handle such huge data we use large storage disks. To help prevent data loss we use RAID/remote backup. Servers tolerate heavy vibrations i.e caused by hard disk’s, cooling system’s and neighbouring server’s within the rack. Also server’s need to be powered 24/7. So, to keep them always on we use redundant power supply to connect multiple power sources. Similarly multiple internet leased lines come into action for redundancy.

Personal Computer:


Personal Computer is a device for small tasks for an individual or a user. Due to less hardware requirements it makes them inexpensive. That is why PC’s design depends on the users usage. Therefore, PC’s are for personal use or for a small group of individuals(office). As a result Personal Computers are enough for specific limited applications only.

Compared to servers only typical broadband connection is enough. When it comes to power supply single source with a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is enough. Moreover even single power source is enough. But no need of typical setup like cooling and large space needed.

Key Differences between Server and Personal Computer


  • Need redundant power supply and internet connectivity.
  • Requires enterprise hardware for reliability.
  • Supports multiple processors.
  • Needs large chillers to cool down servers.
  • Handles large data with remote backup.

Personal Computer:

  • For individual/small group use only.
  • Battery backup like UPS is enough.
  • Nominal Hardware fulfils the requirement.
  • Very cheap to build.
  • No need of heavy cooling equipment.
key server vs pc

A common man’s view of server and personal computer may be not much of a difference were one may consider that personal computer can be a server but it can’t replace completely.

By above all information now you know the actual difference between server and personal computer. If we miss any important point just let us know by commenting below.