At some point website needs a different PHP version, as some of the applications, themes, plugins, modules would require a certain PHP parameters or values for your website to work properly, for that login and change PHP version using PHP selector in cPanel.

Thanks to the latest versions of cPanel which allow switching between PHP versions available and even use different versions across sites in the same cPanel. This is especially helpful when upgrading older sites, troubleshooting, or dealing with third-party applications. Let’s take a look at how to make the most of PHP on all types of servers! and this guide will help you change PHP version using PHP Selector in cPanel

Procedure :

Login to your cPanel account, once you successfully login to your cPanel account simply scroll down to software category.

cPanel Login Page

Scroll down to software category, look for “Select PHP Version” and click on it, to navigate to Select PHP Version page.

cPanel > Select PHP Version

Now you should be in page where you can change PHP version and add extension’s.

Current PHP version drop down

From the drop down section you can select the available PHP version according to your usage.

Current PHP version drop down selection

This will set the chosen PHP version as the PHP version of you account. That’s all it takes to change the PHP version used on any site you choose.

Hope this tutorial is helpful and comment down if you have any query or issue.